The world suffered an epic loss…



The Ballsh!t Podcast is dedicated to Ben & Lynlee Renick – More information here on The OFFICIAL link for The Renick Family

“Ben Renick was tragically taken from this world in a way no one should ever go, he was found shot dead inside his reptile facility in Missouri. Leaving behind his wife Lynlee and two kids Matt and Emma. Ben was the pillar of the reptile community and someone everyone should aspire to be like. He was a man who wouldn’t ever overlook anyone, and let nothing stop his goals or aspirations. Let this fund help take care of the beautiful family he leaves behind.”

Ben and Lynlee Renick and their business Renick Reptiles have all been huge contributors to the Ballsh!t Podcast!  I will never forget you Ben and you are both in my heart forever…

The OFFICIAL link for The Renick Family

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