Season 3 Ep. 7


Join your host Sean Bradley he discusses many ASPECTS of BALL PYTHONS with some AWESOME guests!

This weeks guest – Gabriel Murphy of Next Level Exotics

So Sean decides to interview a 15 year old kid with a “million dollar Ball Python collection” or so a self proclaimed popular YouTube show touted!  Listen as Gabriel clears the air on why he didn’t appreciate the video or the treatment he received from it as well as some other SH!T this kid has already been beaten with in a short time of trying to make a dream a reality!! Many thanks also to Gabriel Murphy for making his company Next Level Exotics a BALLSH!T BOSS mode sponsor!


Tall Grass Reptiles and TGR Rack Systems

The snakes are great but that racks are AWESOME!!  Especially check out the single level modules!!  GREAT IDEA! If you purchase, be sure you tell them you heard of them on BALLSH!T!

Other Show Sponsors : Exotics by Nature C Serpents & Hot Box Incubators Morph Market H.E.R.P.Show Reptile Kreations, Miller’s Scaled Art, E&M Exotics, & McColl’s Serpents

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