Season 3 Ep.5 – Greg Graziani & Dāv Kaufman… Garrett & Kira Hartle, Claire Hickman & Kim Cadwallader


Join your host Sean Bradley he discusses many ASPECTS of BALL PYTHONS with some AWESOME guests!

This weeks guests:

Graziani Reptiles on MorphMarket

Dāv Kaufman of HerpersTV/The Reptile Channel

WOW OVER TWO HOURS… of mostly Sean interruptions!!  FUCK THAT GUY HUH?!? Sean has a post-IggyFest glow on as he sits down with Greg and Dāv at Greg’s place in central Florida where its HOT as F!! and discuss all aspects of snakes, gators, business, life and love…  Look out Claire!!!

Hang in there for an AWESOME trip down memory lane with Greg’s photo album if you can make it that far………

Claire’s Wild Life on Facebook  is definitely worthy of mention! Check out her AMAZING and scientifically accurate masterpieces!


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  1. Rick savage says:

    Great podcast. One of the best for sure. Thanks Greg for the shout out and yes Sean we hit the worlds first and I’d say worlds best. You know where the breeding stock came from so you know it’s top quality

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