Season 3 SPECIAL – NARBC Tinley Park October 2017 AUCTION COVERAGE!! Episode 2 of 4



Ep.2 of 4

Join us @ NARBC Tinley Park October 2017 for the LIVE AUCTION!!!


Join those of us that were lucky to attend LIVE as we raised $220 for the IHS, $4065 for Rattlesnake Preservation Trust, $46,278 for USARK and most importantly $45,083 for Joe Hupp to pay for his 8-year-old daughter’s funeral expenses and medical bills.

Many thanks to ALL of the NARBC Show Sponsors!  ZooMed Laboratories Timberline Pet Foods The Gourmet Rodent Reptiles by Mack Marc Bailey Reptiles Mobile.Kingsnake.Com C-Serpents & Hot Box Incubators HatchRite The Reptile Channel – HerpersTV

Other Show Sponsors : Exotics by Nature C Serpents & Hot Box Incubators Morph Market H.E.R.P.Show Reptile Kreations, Next Level Exotics, E&M Exotics, & McColl’s Serpents

Donate to U.S.A.R.K. and keep fighting for YOUR RIGHTS!!!

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