Ep. 8 – Lynlee Renick


Join your host Sean Bradley he discusses many ASPECTS of BALL PYTHONS!


This weeks guest – Lynlee Renick of Renick Reptiles!


Ready to hear from a “reptile wife”?!? Listen as Sean has a great chat with Lynlee Renick of Renick Reptiles! Ben was feeling a bit under the weather and honestly, Lynlee is far more interesting to talk to! JK Ben… you guys are coming back on the show REALLY SOON! Lynlee discusses some of the problems with the new law against big snakes and how it affects them. She also mentions a bit about their company’s named involvement in the lawsuit regarding these laws!

The second part of this episode features a Q&A session between Sean and Jayr, an aspiring young Ball Python collector, as he tries to figure out all of this SH!T!! Give it a listen… maybe you will find something useful!

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  1. Pete Condon says:

    Excellent show Sean. Lynlee was outstanding. Thanks for putting these together and everything you do in the reptile hobby!!!

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