Ep. 7 – Phil Goss U.S.A.R.K.


Join your host Sean Bradley he discusses many ASPECTS of BALL PYTHONS!


This weeks guest – Phil Goss PRESIDENT of The United States Association of Reptile Keepers (U.S.A.R.K.) and Goss Reptiles

U.S.A.R.K. Website!!!
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Phil and Sean discuss the current issues facing us all with the new species additions of the Reticulated Python, Green Anaconda as well as two other rare Anaconda species.  Phil describes the lawsuit against The Dept.of the Interior (USFWS) and its strength in our favor regarding interstate commerce.

WHAT HAPPENED in TINLEY PARK?!?  We raised a SH!T TON of money for U.S.A.R.K.!!!  Thanks to everyone involved with all of the hard work, donations and MONEY SPENT… we raised $113,000.00 in a MATTER of HOURS having a GREAT TIME AS A FAMILY! Wow!!!!!!!!

What can we do to help?  How about bid in the RAACA Response Auction on Facebook!
RAACA Facebook Page… OVER 250 Auctions ending 3/22/15!!!

Listen to this episode for plenty of details from our COMMANDER on the FRONT LINE, PHIL GOSS!!

SUPPORT U.S.A.R.K.!!   http://www.usark.org

Sean answers a question from a friend and listener about SHIPPING!  What was that first shipment like 15 years ago?!?  What the hell does “KNOWN SHIPPER” mean?!? Sean talks about some of the different variables that come into play for shipping live reptiles!

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ShipYourReptiles.com – An online shipping service provider operated by Chad Brown & Robyn Markland (Former ProExotics duo)!  Your SYR account will allow you to ship using a variety of FedEx services to ship your animals and products to your clients.  They offer shipping supplies and shipping tips.  Check out their LIVE ARRIVAL INSURANCE products for certain shipments that experience problems!!

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  1. Gary Barksdale says:

    I am a candidate for Mayor for Norman OK.
    We are in dire need of help to defend the owners of reptiles, specifically pythons and boas, as Norman OK is proposing a ban on the ownership of these animals.
    PLEASE contact me at 405-476-1106.
    The City is voting on this Feb 9 at 6:30 meeting.
    Thank you,
    Gary Barksdale

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