Ep. 6 – Kevin McCurley – TRUTH ABOUT GOV


Join your host Sean Bradley he discusses many ASPECTS of BALL PYTHONS!


This weeks guest – Kevin McCurley AKA EVILMORPHGOD of New England Reptile Distributors

New England Reptile Distributors Website

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EVILMORPHGOD KevNERD speaks OUT about the new legislation and what kind of SH!T the government is pulling by encroaching on our freedom to keep reptiles!!  Kev explains the ins and outs of what can be done and the sad truths that many of us must face…

Even more intriguing… Santa Claus could potentially be one of the number 1 culprits of invasive species release.  As well as how we MUST EMPLORE the USFW and USGS to declare other invasive species such as Sasquatch, Abominable Snowmen, Yeti & Chupacabra as well as what threats these species could propose if allowed to hybridize!  Think these species don’t exist?  Kev will tell you why they, as well as these invasive species of reptile, continue to elude capture!!!


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  1. Anthony mahabir says:

    What the hell. It sucks with this ban. A cow retic is 25.000 thousand. Getting one rught now for that price wouldn’t happen but in the future when the price drops I would have to move to new Hampshire just to own one, and who’s to say kevin will be even produce them because of some stupid ass lacey act and the fish and wildlife.

    • ebnmedia says:

      Anthony… thanks for commenting! I know what you mean, this is why we must stand united and solid with each other! BTW… I answer your shipping question in Ep 7. after Phil’s interview!! 🙂

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