Ep. 4 – Ben Cole and BIG FISH TALK


Join your host Sean Bradley he discusses many ASPECTS of BALL PYTHONS!

Join Sean in this episode of Ballsh!t as we hear a little of his interview over breakfast with Ben Cole of The Gourmet Rodent / Animal Company.  Ben talks about his start in reptiles and the reptile industry and shares some views on the marketplace.  In the second half of this episode, Sean focuses on this BIG FISH conversation.  How do big investors affect OUR INDUSTRY and what can you do about it?  There’s plenty of food….

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  1. Jake Bonse says:

    Thanks for doing these podcasts Sean, its such a nice change of scenery to hear about fun times and camaraderie within this industry instead of all the drama, keep them coming

  2. Pete says:

    Great episode Sean, especially liked hearing you and Ben you guys seem to have a good chemistry.

  3. Stephen says:

    Ben cole is a great breeder. Ive bought all my morphs from him. Hes very knowledgeable on all animals not just ball pythons.

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