Breeder Business #9 – DAYTONA to ARLINGTON… Whew!


What is Breeder Business?!? Join Sean for a SHORT episode of advice, Q&A… just basically the BASICS and the TRICKS of the TRADE!!


Back for ANOTHER Breeder Business… DAYTONA! now feels like d-a-ytonaaahhhZZzzz…
Check out this video from our friend Raphael Martinez with ALL the highlights…

Sean is back from the “BIG SHOW” with some info to share!  Also in this episode, Sean calls Brian Potter of N.A.R.B.C. for an update on the upcoming SHOW…

North American Reptile Breeders Conference – Arlington
August 29-30, 2015 – Arlington, TX
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Scaleless Ball Python SEEN!!  Sean talks a bit about the Scaleless Ball Python that was displayed in Daytona. What about the FEMALE?!?

Finally Sean touches on the subject of INSURANCE for your collection.  What can YOU do at home/work to make sure you have a back-up!  We will see you in Arlington!!!

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  1. Jim Ellis says:

    Thanks for the advice buddy 10K would buy a hell of a good generator and Ive actually been looking at them. I live in the sticks and power goes out all the time and since that happened im in my snake room every single day at least 2 or 3 times a day. Ive also considered cloning my collection as you stated. Both excellent ideas as theres no way in hell I can afford insurance like that. My insurance company is a small town place and the lady lives down the street from me so she knows exactly what I already have and that isn’t going to happen through them. In fact theres a clause in my policy that says it wont cover any damage due to my animals? Now that’s a load of shit if she didn’t know what I had she wouldn’t have a clue whats in that section of the house.

    Anywho, ill be hittin your ass up for a XXXL Tshirt in Arlington so don’t sell out of all the fat boys shirts brother!!!!


  2. Pete Condon says:

    Hi Sean,
    I just got done listening to podcast breeder business #9 and wanted to pass along some information with regards to your comments on insurance. As of 2016 I just started my 20th year as a commercial property & casualty independent insurance agent in the state of Florida. Now most of my knowledge will be based on Florida policies and Florida statutes but it can be applied to other states.
    The question you received was “is there any sort of insurance to cover your animals in a freak accident?” To the best of my knowledge there is no specific insurance “program” available to cover personal/commercial reptile collections, like you might see a “program” for convenience store, beauty salons, or auto repair facilities. There are “programs” for pet shops but those policies typically don’t address coverage for “owned” collections/animals, the coverage is for business personal property, or contents if you will and some of those policies exclude coverage for live animals.
    You are exactly correct “NOT” to involve your homeowners insurance company. Most homeowners policies exclude liability coverage for exotic pets and don’t offer any kind of property coverage to cover the individual reptile. Also if you notify your current carrier that you have exotic animals in your home typically that will result in a cancelation of your current policy or a notice of non-renewal.
    That policy you looked into that was $10,000 per $100,000 of coverage is called exotic animal mortality policy. They specifically cover animals for their untimely death, which each policy has specific perils that are covered and perils that are excluded. Those policies are more geared towards “big” business’s and not designed to cover an individuals collection, that is what the insurance company would consider we who keep and sell reptiles as apposed to Bush Gardens, if that makes any sense. That premium of $10,000 is probably a minimum premium levied by the insurance company no matter how small of an operation it is the carrier will still collect $10,000, which signals to me they are only interested in the bigger accounts such as Disney, Bush Gardens…etc
    Hope this help, let me know if you have any other questions


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