Breeder Business #2 – Girls… CHEAP!


What is Breeder Business?!? Join Sean for a SHORT episode of advice, Q&A… just basically the BASICS and the TRICKS of the TRADE!!


Girls… CHEAP!!

“Damn why does that guy want THAT much money for a female normal?!?” Listen in as Sean discusses what the REAL value of an adult female can be… even just a NORMAL! These animals have been the FOUNDING BASE for the entire Ball Python industry.

How can someone else’s loss be YOUR gain with Normal Females? Listen to this SH!T! 🙂

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  1. Craig Taylor says:

    On the last episode you asked for some advice for future podcasts, I am wondering if you can do a podcasts on tricks to get young males to breed. I have had the worst luck getting young males to lock with my females and have tried all sorts of tricks (putting another male in, sperm plug on the back, other male’s shed) and none of them really work with the same results that other breeders get. Any help will be appreciated! Also what is the price for a scaleless head this year?

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