Breeder Business #10 – Sean & Raphy talk MARKET!!


What is Breeder Business?!? Join Sean for a SHORT (…but NOT THIS TIME!!) episode of advice, Q&A… just basically the BASICS and the TRICKS of the TRADE!!

Back for ANOTHER breeder business… a loooooooooong one!!

Raphy Martinez of!

Join Sean and Raphy as they have a long discussion with some debate on the current market climate in the Ball Python industry.  Raptly travels to many shows and communicates with breeders around the world.  He is known for his video channel on YouTube called “Let’s Talk Ball Pythons”

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  1. Christopher Lawler says:

    I completely agree with you both. The culture now days is that everyone is in it to try and live off their passion and the new ones just think they can get a table and sell. When i got back into reptiles a few years back the year and a half before I went to every show and networked with the breeders from local to large scale. Why people would ask and the reason is because I learned what I wanted to move my collection toward that I had a like of their looks and thinking outside the box, but also I marketed what I wanted my company to become. I agree with keeping small. We also decided to stay diversified. One person at our first show we had one person send his friend to get pictures of our Super Vanilla Bumble Bee female we had for sale because of quality. It was great in March talking with you, Josh, Kyle, and Matt. Hope to see you in October.

  2. Vincent ALessandroni says:

    Awesome show Sean. Really loved hearing you and Raphy talk about the business. This is the kind stuff that new people need to hear. This upcoming year is going to my 1st year of really producing Ball Pythons in decent numbers. Everything you guys talked about really hit home with what I am trying to do and learn. Just keep up the good work Learn something new every time I listen.

  3. Joseph Cassar says:

    This is incredible. Thank you for doing this. I started up 16 months ago and invested in a bamboo, bel ghi, and banana superblast males and some cool single or 2 gene females to make amazing stuff. But all you here is they won’t sell it sucks but hearing someone like you, who knows their shit and been around a long time. It really motivates me for whats to come. I will be sharing your podcast with the bottom level as you call it, because that’s where I am at. But I hope to reach a bigger level in the next 3 or 4 years. So thank you again.

  4. Jim Ellis says:

    Excellent as always brother! I am loving going to shows even if I lose my ass I have a great time and its all about getting your name out there and talking to people the sales will come not always at shows but later after they have met me and watched some of my YouTube videos of cutting my clutches and such. I had about 10 people come by my table at a local show here in Kansas and thanked me for my videos I can say they aren’t the greatest as I don’t have a damn clue with im doing but they like them so I guess that’s what matters. Oh and I worked my ass off for a $35 sale of a normal ball python but I had a blast doing it the couple got their first ever snake and I even helped the guy selling enclosures make his money since I sent them to him to get all the stuff for the baby they bought from me. Just great experiences and I will keep doing this for the fun of it and if I make a little coin along the way good if not ive met some amazing people such as yourself along the way.

    BTW waiting on my fat boy XXXL shirt homie! LOL!!!!

    Big Jim aka GODFATHER

  5. Anthony says:

    Hey EBN I have to say I love your show… I love this show I have listen to it aroiund 30x so far just because you and Raphy always have so much to say about this hobby because you have seen everything so far… I do hope that one day you can do a show about (IBD and mites) I have had a few people ask me how to get rid of them, like what to use how ofetn to use it and all that I have sent alot of people to listen to your podcast because of what you talk about and its fun… Keep up the great work and cant wait to here more of your podcastes and maybe have some more new people or small time breeders like myself or anyone else that is small onto talk about what they are doing to help them get there business out there to everytone else…

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